Rwandan Baskets for a wall Decoration

The Rwandan baskets are another popular wall basket style from Africa.


African Baskets, Rwanda Baskets, Woven Bowl


These all natural baskets are hand-woven from smooth sisal fibers, wrapped native grasses and reeds. Dyed with natural dye, the vibrant and elegant hand-woven Rwandan baskets add a splash of color and a pop pattern wherever you place it.


African Baskets, Rwanda Baskets, Woven Bowl


Traditionally, these baskets were used in serving dry food and gift-giving on special occasions.


However, these are nowadays ideal for hanging them on the wall, placing small items such as keys, keeping fruits among others.


These baskets can be designed in various colors decorating your home with solid color, each in a different color to introduce vibrancy in your home.

African Baskets, Rwanda Baskets, Woven Bowl




Although each basket is uniquely hand-woven and thus varies slightly, the Rwandan baskets are closely similar.

These baskets have a loop on the back making it easy to hang on the wall. The Rwandan baskets are a message of reconciliation, peace, and hope for the future with the Agaseke peace basket included at the center of the country’s court of arms. These Rwandan grass woven wall baskets add a unique aesthetic to the home or office. Rwandan baskets are what comes to mind when people think of African wall baskets.

Rwanda Basket, African Basket, African Wall decor, Woven Basket

These handmade baskets of Rwanda, tell the story of women weavers through superior craftsmanship and beauty designed to decorate your home with a colorful splash of African décor in any room, holding fruits and keys or a centerpiece of a table among others. Like the artwork, it is recommended hanging this wall basket at eye level. Over time, the Rwandan baskets may gather dust, to clean the basket, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth. Doing so will keep the baskets as vibrant and colorful as they were woven.

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